Denia: Fogueres de Sant Joan

Stephen & Anne
Mon 23 Jun 2008 19:58

38.50.429N 0.07.131E


Sunday we were really busy. Anne continued to sew the cover on the steering wheel while Stephen washed the decks (occasionally splashing Anne in the process – but as it was very hot that was a welcome relief). Stephen then went on to work on replacing the pipes in the forward heads with Anne helping.


At about 5pm we walked into town to catch a bus to Javea to see Tom, Jude & Becky. Unfortunately when we got to the bus station we found the buses to Javea don’t run on a Sunday despite the timetable saying they do. We decided to take a Taxi over instead, as Becky’s school was participating in a parade, and we were really glad we went. The parade was part of the Fogueres de Sant Joan”. We weren’t sure what to expect. There were lots of groups parading either in matching uniforms or in traditional dress. They all carried a floral arrangement and the parade wound it’s way through town up to the cemetery on the hill where the flowers were used in a floral collage. As it was already getting quite late and there were still quite a number of groups to leave their flowers we didn’t get to see the finished display.


Fogueres de Sant Joan is celebrated on the night of the summer solstice. The celebrations include firework displays and burning of great bonfires. The bonfire in Javea was a large papier-mâché sculpture which is pictured below. Unfortunately we forgot to take our camera so the photos below are thanks to Tom & Jude who leant us their camera.


After a rather long walk round the streets of Javea (following the parade and then to get back to the car) we went back to Tom, Jude & Beckys for a well deserved drink and some food.


On Monday after breakfast outside on the patio, we all set off on a bit of sight seeing. We went to the caves at Benidoleig, stopping at a bodega on the way (we managed to stock up on some wine). The caves were very impressive.


We returned to the boat mid afternoon and had a relaxing afternoon and evening.



Yes this is a bonfire that will be burnt on Monday night


Becky’s school near the end of the parade



Some other groups in the parade



Some of the larger floral arrangements that were carried in the parade – the bikers obviously have a softer side in Spain!