Lagos: Barao de Sao Joao

Stephen & Anne
Wed 12 Dec 2007 09:54

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today we went for a walk.


Then we came back.


Then we played Scrabble.


Then we went to sleep.


Oh alright then… are a few more details.


The walk was arranged by a few people in the Marina. 25 of us set out on the walk (and 25 came back, 1 with a sprained ankle). We caught the bus to Barao de Sao Joao. We walked through the village getting quite a few stares from the villagers – I guess it’s not everyday they get 25 people traipsing through the village. Actually we caused quite a stir at the bus station as well. We think the drivers drew lots to see who would have to drive the bus with the mad marina people.


Once out of the village, we climbed up through the forest. After a while it leveled out as we walked along the top of the ridge. The spot where we had lunch had a fantastic view over the hills and out to sea. We then walked back down to the village. We stopped at a little café for a drink while we waited for the bus back. The café must have thought Christmas had come early with all this extra trade (I guess not all that early).


The organizers of the walk had “trialed” the walk a few weeks earlier, but the whole walk had changed as they are installing wind turbines which involved cutting trees down and building new pathways through the forest. You may think the organizer was unlucky to get us semi lost on a walk he did not long ago but apparently it’s quite usual in Portugal!


Back in Lagos we went back to the boat and had a quiet night in once again playing Scrabble and watching DVD’s