Porto Palo -> Crotone

Stephen & Anne
Sun 19 Jun 2016 11:15

39.04.797N 17.08.281E



We set off early after a very rolly night in Porto Palo. We had a 36 hour crossing to get to Crotone.


We soon realised we were in a bit of a convoy with at least 3 other boats going the same way as us.


Unfortunately the wind did not do what was forecasted. Much to our surprise it was much less than the forecast. Which meant we had to motor all the way.


Given the lack of wind the seas were very smooth, which meant spotting Dolphins and other wildlife was very easy. We saw at least three pods of dolphins. Unfortunately they were too far away to photo. One pod put on a fantastic acrobatic display as they jumped high in the air. We think they may have been feeding and the jumping was to scare the fish or to see where the fish were.


Anne had to make evasive manoeuvres on one of her watches to avoid a turtle. The turtle would have been fine as he just dived and swam away.


We arrived in Crotone at about 17.00. Once the Wanda was secure and tidied we celebrated with a glass or two of prosecco.