Preveza -> Gouvia

Stephen & Anne
Tue 27 Aug 2013 12:03

39.39.717N 19.51.355E


Weare gearing up for the trip back to Marina di Ragusa. We have decicded to head north initially to Corfu as we hope to have better angles on the wind (that’s the theory anyway!).



On the passage up to Gouvia Yoyo wanted to sit in her favourite spot – so shade was naturally arranged for her J



Once in Gouvia a large sailing ship anchored nearby. We noticed their anchor ball was the same size as ours (it’s at the bow) and looks ridiculously small!.

The poor crew were struggling with a “small” sail on deck. Somehow they got it into the dighy and went ashore with it. Once ashore it was hoisted out of the dinghy using a small crane and onto the back of a small truck. We assume it needed mending.