Cagliari: Koshka the Defender

Stephen & Anne
Sun 29 Mar 2009 18:31

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


Koshka here. It’s been a while since I blogged so here goes.


This week Mum and Dad have been busy socializing. They were only in on Thursday and Saturday evenings - the rest of the time they were either entertaining or being entertained!!


Yoyo and I have a new past time. We are enjoying stepping in things called “palettes” and spreading coloured stuff from our paws onto the furniture. Personally the black is my favorite colour, it matches me and shows up clearly on the furniture as I use my paws as “stamps”. We have also noticed that Mum and Dad have jars of water on the table (I think it’s to do with painting watercolours), Yoyo and I want to see what it tastes like – it always looks such an interesting colour! We keep being chased away though. It does appear as though this painting idea mum and dad have seems to be keeping us in tuna, they sold 15 greeting cards and 2 pictures this week.


I have got a new job onboard, “Defender of Wandering Dragon”. The new cat from the other boat has taken to coming on board Wanda so I have to make sure she doesn’t stay long. She’s a bit aggressive. After a few stand off’s when I won I thought she’d got the message, but no she came back and tried to attack me the next day. Luckily Mum & Dad were around to help as “backup” fighting cats.


Dad was very happy this week; the local chandlery was closing down and selling everything off very cheap. Even mum went along and bought a pair of fins for snorkeling and a solar shower. Mainly they bought lots of rope.


Wednesday was the highlight of the week. We invited Richard and Karen from Pyxis and Dolores (art teacher) and Prebyn from Tyfon over for dinner. Their boats have been lifted out and preparing food when not in the water is very difficult (eg not been able to wash up). Pyxis bought along some tuna flavoured cat treats – lets just say they are going down very well (yummy – thank you Pyxis)


Other events this week undertaken by mum and dad were a meal on Koa, a meal on Mascot 3, two birthday parties!, more excel lessons for the children on Cape, attending the Sardinian boat show, Stephen trying his best Italian to return a chipped plate (all went ok but mainly due to their perfect English) and watching dolphins swim a few meters from our boat in the marina J


The weather this week was everything. Lots of wind and a few perfect days (apart from the other cat that is).





A selection of cards painted by Anne & Stephen this week.