Stephen & Anne
Wed 7 Nov 2007 13:02

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


After a lie in, we visited Carl & T and spent the day sorting out their satellite phone and a few other computer laptop problems. Stephen sorted out their laptop and also succeeded in getting the internet connection on their sat phone so Carl & T can download weather at sea. Meanwhile Anne and T had a girly chat all day (well as girly as looking at AIS and discussing rigging!!!). We both had a very relaxing day and were well fed with cakes and other yummy food!


In the late afternoon we programmed up the route to the next port, filled up with water, and removed the hydro vane rudder to clean it. We should have anti-fouled the hydro vane rudder as well even though we were informed it would not need doing. Another job for Lagos when we stop.


In the evening we were invited onto Oliver with Kate and James. They cooked us macaroni cheese with real cheddar cheese from the UK (the Portuguese don’t readily sell strong hard cheeses – well we haven’t found any yet although we have been told they exist). After such a relaxing day the change in pace with an active 9 year old around made the evening all the more different. It didn’t help that we were still tired from the late night before.


Mistletoe arrived back very late but we missed them as we went to bed early. Typically we tend to go to bed early as its dark and wake up when its light (unless we are on the party circuit)