Chipiona -> Rota

Stephen & Anne
Fri 14 Mar 2008 20:48

36:36.928N 6:21.243W


Today we inched down the coast to Rota. We don’t believe that mentioning in our blog about Nelson and the Spanish navy the other day had any bearing being buzzed by a Spanish navy helicopter today. We otherwise had a good sail with no incident. We didn’t hit the canoeist either.


When Stephen went to check in, he thought the women checking the papers looked familiar. He then realised it was exactly the same person who checked us into Chipiona - today she was based in Rota. We even managed to moor with no problems despite the lack of cleats on the pontoon.

We arrived by lunchtime and had another siesta reading books in the afternoon. We then cleaned the decks and Anne cut Stephen’s hair with no incident – she’s getting quite good now. After showers we went exploring Rota. We managed to find the town centre within 10 minutes – we think this is a record for us!!


It looks like a brilliant place to explore with castles, churches, tiled courtyards, lots of archways and Flamenco dress shops all set in an architectural background with a heavy Moorish influence. We’ll take more photos and post them when we get broadband connectivity.