Cagliari: La Befana

Stephen & Anne
Sat 10 Jan 2009 13:05

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


It’s been a fairly quiet week.


On Monday we went out with the trolley to the indoor market. We came back with lots of fresh vegetables – but no Tuna. Yoyo really doesn’t understand why we go to the market on a Monday, when we know the fish stalls aren’t open. The fishing boats don’t go out on a Sunday so there is no fish at the market on a Monday.


On Tuesday Bethany and Bryn came round to make Welsh cakes. We stayed in on Tuesday as it was a bank holiday in Italy. In Italy they celebrate Epiphany and La Befana visits all the Children. The legend goes that the Three Kings on their way to visit the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem called at La Befana's hut for hospitality. They asked if she wanted to join them, but she said she would rather not go because she was too busy. Later she changed her mind, so she hastily gathered a few gifts and tried following the Wise Men, but could not catch up with them, nor could she find the Christ Child. Ever since, each Twelfth Night she travels from house to house leaving presents for the children, just in case one of them is Baby Jesus.


Thursday evening we started watching “24” with Karen and Richard on Pyxis. We are hooked – we had to miss out watching some on Friday as we had invited David, Sarah, Bethany and Bryn from Cape round for dinner, but we were back in full swing on Saturday evening.


We spent most of Friday getting ready for the dinner party. Why is it even when we think we are doing a simple meal it takes us all day to prepare it!! The menu for Cape was two types of Vegi Burgers (bean burger and Thai corn fritters), burger buns (homemade), mango and ginger chutney and salad. Bethany and Bryn had chosen the puddings which were sticky toffee pudding and walnut roulade. The sticky toffee puddings were the definite favorite. Of course it had been a lovely day all day until Cape came round, then the heavens opened and the Thunder and Lightening started. So they arrived rather damp even though it’s not very far from one boat to the other. Mid way through cooking the meal our gas bottle finished – which meant we had to brave the rain and change the gas bottle. The food worked out really well and we had a lovely evening.


Koshka and Yoyo have been enjoying running around on the deck. Yoyo even had two sparrows to stalk for a while, until Anne got too nervous and scared them away. The weather has been a bit chilly this week, but mainly dry (apart from Friday evening that is!!)