Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy): Really settling into life in Sardinia

Stephen & Anne
Fri 29 Aug 2008 08:19

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


On Monday the weather started to turn. It was windy and cooler and we needed to wear t-shirts and shorts – it was a chilly 23 in the morning. However we do panic over nothing. On Tuesday the weather was back to normal and we returned to wearing swim wear (temperature a comfortable 30 degrees centigrade).


We had a long hike across town and managed to find the local municipal market – at last we now have a supply of good fresh vegetables. Oh, and they also sell wine by the..err barrel. They should keep us going. It’s a good job barrels roll well. Well actually they have very large stainless steel barrels on the stall and they sell it by the “recycled” water bottle. With the help of another customer we managed to buy just 1.5 litres. Who knows how much we would have ended up with on our own!!


We walked back to the boat – but have been looking carefully at the buses. We must find out where to get tickets from


Yoyo here. On Tuesday evening I accepted a formal invitation for tuna on the boat next door (with the French couple). Mum and dad lashed the boats together so I could jump easily. Over I went and there on a plate was loads of tuna for me to eat. I had a lovely time exploring their boat and malting my fur everywhere. Koshka was too shy to jump over so I had to eat his share of the tuna as well. Oh, mum and dad also popped over for some human nibbles and a drink.




This picture is a bit late but here is the picture of the marinara’s

on their speed boats zooming out to meet new arrivals at Carloforte