Stephen & Anne
Thu 20 Mar 2008 18:29

36:36.928N 6:21.243W


Today’s blog is by Koshka the cat....he has to do it again as he fell asleep writing yesterdays blog.


I woke up. It rained. I slept….thats my blog. I’m going back to sleep now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Today’s blog is now by Yoyo our awake and alert cat.


I woke up after having a brilliant dream about tuna. However it was still raining so I snuggled down next to the radiator (its my favorite friend while I sleep as its so warm). Mum and Dad braved the rain and went to the internet café.


After lunch it stopped raining and I explored the deck – it was still wet so I went back inside. Meanwhile Dad changed the oil filter – he complains it’s a messy job but deep down I think he really enjoys it. Mum filled up with water (that’s the boat that was filled up, not my mum), washed up and kept out of the way of Dad and his oil. He did quite a good job not getting it anywhere – not a drop entered the bilge – I know because I was sat staring at him all the time.


Highlight of the day was of course tuna – I got some at lunch time and tea time today – a double treat. Well it was really a normal treat as Koshka ate half on each occasion which cancels out the double tuna rations today.


In the evening mum and dad had a meal and finished watching the CSI Miami DVD’s. I went to sleep next to the radiator. I wonder what I’ll dream about tonight.