Figueira da Foz

Stephen & Anne
Wed 17 Oct 2007 16:24

40:08.834N 8:51.593W


Refreshed from our (early!) night, we awoke early and headed to buy some fish for dinner. We expect most will end up inside a cat once the fighting over dinner starts!


Today we did the laundry and then set about t-cutting, polishing and waxing the rest of the cockpit. It is now finished and looks stunning – it only took 2 days work for the cockpit area. Of course we now look about the boat and see all the rest of the GRP that needs the same loving care…maybe we should have bought a smaller boat!


Mistletoe dropped their deck brush over the side. While retrieving it they noticed a lot of polythene and rope caught around the prop. Now this is removed and their prop can feather, we don’t think we will be galloping ahead of them anymore.


This afternoon we are of exploring a little more, then passage planning as we are off to Peniche tomorrow. Its about 60 miles again so it’s another early start to ensure we arrive in daylight.


Yoyo spent much of the day staring at all the fish in the marina. Stephen gave Koshka a workout by continually putting him out of the forward hatch so he walks back along the boat and into the cabin. Eventually Koshka got tired of this game and went and hid under the quilt!


Naturally we will have a G&T party on our boat to celebrate the shiny cockpit (well that’s today’s excuse any way)