Revolutions and the Friday Night Drinking Club

Stephen & Anne
Sat 15 Jan 2011 07:25

36.22.39N 10.32.69E


We heard last night a group heading for the marina were stopped about a mile away. We also noticed convoys with flashing red lights patrolling the area and guys with camouflage trousers and black leather jackets keeping watch. Rumour had it that there were snipers on the roof of buildings leading into the marina area. I think we were probably safer than we realised. A few boats in the marina moved position but no one went out to the bay. The presidents holiday home is still looking ok. The only real issue is the shoe centre has been burnt down – the women in the marina are pretty upset!


The general feeling this morning was that the president said and did just enough to split the people so we shall have to wait and see if everything calms down.


This morning everything was quiet. We went for a walk and even popped in to the local (non burnt out) supermarket. Not much left on the shelves. However it usually has very little at the best of times! We purchased a few bits but we are ok for food with a couple of months supplies albeit probably not a balanced diet!


We spent the day socialising with everyone in the marina. Some people visited the nearby town for fresh food and reported back that the clean up and repairs had already started.


During the day people were demonstrating and it was clear the president had not done enough. By 6pm a state of emergency declared with curfew. No meetings or more than 3 people outside or you will be shot. The Friday nights brits drinking meeting is still on – we’re British and nothing stops us - although we are now meeting on someone’s boat and not in bar as they are all closed.


By 7pm the president was flying out of the country, his wife and family arrested and our party was just starting. The local commandant and security were informed of our party and didn’t have a problem. As the local guards hadn’t eaten since 7am, the first order of the meeting was to prepare some food for them. The French people on the boats around also helped giving them food. It was then business as usual for the Friday night drinking club.