Preveza -> Abelike Bay, Meganisi

Stephen & Anne
Mon 7 Jul 2014 16:28

38.40.289N 20.47.331E


We left Preveza on Monday morning, went through the Lefkas canal to Abelike bay.


Abilike bay is on the north end of Meganissi. It’s a beautiful bay, but can get very busy. Karen and Richard were ahead of us and found us both places to anchor. Due to it being busy we had to take lines ashore. Karen and Richard very kindly helped us by swimming ashore with our lines. That evening we had a barbeque onboard Pyxis.


We spent 3 days in the bay, enjoying the peace and quiet. The water is beautifully clear so we spent our days swimming and trying out our new inflatable kayaks. The Kayaks were great fun, although getting in and out did cause a few problems. 


Our  “backgarden” in Abelike Bay.