Cagliari: A Spring Clean

Stephen & Anne
Sun 28 Sep 2008 18:28

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


On Friday we gave the inside of Wanda a spring clean for two reasons – she needed a good clean and we hoped it would bring some Sprig weather to Sardinia. We achieved the first objective and the second looks quite promising - we are back to blue skies and reasonable temperatures (20C instead of 30C during the summer). The cats are now busy growing their winter fur – we expect to see more fur balls rolling around the boat soon. Stephen has also been growing his winter “fur”, so this afternoon Anne cut his hair with our new scissors. These are professional hairdressing scissors and are much easier to use. Stephen is definitely banned from throwing these overboard!


Saturday was wash day for Stephen (clothes not himself) while Anne carried on making the steering wheel cover. Err…that’s it – this took all day!


Sunday: As the weather was still really warm and pleasant, we did outdoor jobs today. Anne t-cut, polished and waxed some more of the GRP on the deck – there is still quite a lot to be done so this should keep Anne quiet for a while yet. Stephen sat in the dinghy all day today – no he wasn’t avoiding work but was cleaning the hull. Koshka and Yoyo investigated what we dong during the day and were both extremely curious watching Stephen in the dinghy.


Quick update, it started to rain this evening L