Cagliari: Not more Vinyl

Stephen & Anne
Fri 7 Nov 2008 18:06

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


Some of you may have noticed our position has changed. We decided to move over to the other Marina, Marina del Sole. Here we are near to our friends on Pyxis and Cape. We moved on Saturday, which meant we had a day off from the ceiling.


Saturday evening there was a fancy dress Halloween party. We failed miserably on costumes. Other people excelled themselves. There was a witch, pirate, spider, vampires and Franken Furter from Rocky horror (photo’s are censored!). We might need to try and find a few items we can use for fancy dress in the future.


Sunday we had another day off from the ceiling. We decided we needed some exercise and went for a walk to the Sunday market. Fennel is still in season along with artichokes. We stocked up on fresh veg and couldn’t resist the cakes from the cake stall!!


Sunday evening we went over to Cape for Lentil Curry. It was delicious – complete with homemade naan bread.


Monday was back to work (I wonder why we feel the need to rest at weekends when we can decide when to work & play). During the week Stephen has been soldering the LED Mood lights in the saloon. These seem to have worked really well. We got all of the ceiling back up – complete with insulation. We then cleaned the boat and were ready for our first guests to inspect the new ceiling and lighting. First “inspectors” were Sarah, David, Bethany and Bryn from Cape. Then we had Dan and Judi from Koa over.  We tried to take some photos but they did not work so you will have to come and visit us to see the effect!!


Stephen decided to make a carrot cake this week to use up the carrots from the market – the cake turned out wonderful however he forgot to put carrots in it which defeated the object of making the cake in the first place!


On the photo side, we did manage to take a picture of a really good sunset from our boat.