Marina di Ragusa: The Scouts Visit Wandering Dragon

Stephen & Anne
Sun 3 Mar 2013 17:13

36.46.84N 14.32.74E


Today the local scout group celebrated “Thinking Day” and their 100th Anniversary by visiting the foreign boats in the marina to find out what life is like living on board.  We gave a tour of our boat and explained our life living on board. Yoyo took it all very calmly and slept most of the time.



Fortunately the scouts were tech savvy so we used google translate to talk to each other when their English and our Italian were insufficient!


The scouts then invited us to learn how to make the local pasta called “Cavati”.



Start with a pile of “Semola Rimacinata” flour and a pinch of salt.



Add one egg and a splash of water and kneed it into a ball



Roll it out into a circle and cut into strips



Roll each strip into a thin sausage of equal size and then cut into bits about 1cm long



Then use your finger and “magically” work it into shape….



…or use a fork to add some texture lines (it’s also much easier)



Finally repeat several thousand times until you have enough to feed a large group of hungry scouts and sailors.


The only downside was the tomato sauce had pork sausages in it so we didn’t actually try the meal. However we are going to buy some flour and make it ourselves with a vegetarian sauce.


The weather today with the scouts was perfect however we did have some hail last week!