Cagliari: Wind & Rain

Stephen & Anne
Sat 29 Nov 2008 23:30

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


The last week has been pretty horrible – the weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse. We’ve had high winds from most directions mainly accompanied by rain.


On Monday Stephen went off shopping for a dehumidifier (it’s been so wet!!). Unfortunately everyone else had already been to buy their dehumidifiers and so the one we wanted was not in stock anywhere. Stephen had an enjoyable afternoon on the bus trying to find one though, he even ended up at the University after getting on the wrong bus!!


On Tuesday Anne went with Stephen to choose a different model dehumidifier. We were successful this time and came back with a very stylish dehumidifier (well we are in Italy!!) After leaving it on over night we woke up on Wednesday to a lovely dry feeling boat.


The rest of the week we haven’t done much – the weather really isn’t very nice.


Yesterday (Saturday) we had the first normalish day for about 2 weeks, normal winds and only a little rain – seemed like heaven to us now. We put the sails up to dry them off and had a good chat to our neighbour Sergio (he’s Italian if you’ve not guessed), and went for a walk to the shops. Saturday evening there was a party in the club house. It was the usual international buffet followed by music, dancing and a female / Italian version of the game musical chairs (involving removing articles of clothing from the men). Enough said. It did cheer us up after such a rotten week.