Gibraltar: Yoyo blogs

Stephen & Anne
Sat 19 Apr 2008 22:20

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


Today’s blog is by Yoyo the ships cat.


Today was another wet and windy day. Really, I mean I was promised sunshine and tuna every day! We get tuna most days – I’d love to eat my tuna slowly but I must eat it quickly so I can then eat Koshka’s tuna. He must get more than me because I always finish first.


Mum and dad then started planning where to find the sun and more tuna – this seems to involve travelling up the coast of Spain. Koshka and I helped by sitting on the charts to tell mum and dad where we wanted to go. Dad went out in the rain with some laundry. He didn’t come back with it.


Koshka as usually slept most of the day and to be honest so did I – we couldn’t get out to explore due to the rain.


The highlight of my day was tuna at lunch time. I even managed to sneak some extra tuna as mum and dad had tuna melts for lunch.


In the afternoon mum got out her canvas material. I helped by sitting on it and playing with the cotton thread. Mum made the first of many winch covers.


Later in the day dad went out and returned with a bag of clean dry laundry – how clever is that! I’m really looking forward to rolling around in clean sheets on the bed to get rid of my excess fur.


This evening it was a quiet night in listening to the rain and wind.


The first winch cover