Stephen & Anne
Sun 23 Mar 2008 19:28

36:11.064N 5:55.981W


Today’s blog is by Anne the human:


Today we woke up to find the sun was shinning once again. It was still fairly windy, but not as bad as it has been.


We got up and cleaned the decks (to remove the layer of salt we had on them from our last passage). A lot of time was spent rechecking our passage plan to Gibraltar – we want to be as prepared as possible this time.


We then wandered into town to the internet shop (café implies they sell food and drink, the place in Barbate only provides computers with internet access or xbox consoles to use). We rechecked the weather and wind direction and uploaded the photos of Barbate. Unfortunately we forgot to take the camera today – the place looked completely different with the sun shinning and the sea a beautiful azure blue. 


On our way back to the boat we stopped off at the Yacht club for a beer. Well it was such a lovely day and the Yacht club setting was too nice to miss. A beer or two later we set off back to the boat. We did go and get the camera to take a picture of the “new” Barbate, which we will upload when we get to decent internet access again.


We then did some other jobs round the boat in preparation for sailing on to Gibraltar.


This evening will be a quiet evening in (it’s quite a hike round to the town from the boat and even if we did make the effort we’re not convinced anything would be open!)