Bizerte: Chores and Cat Fights

Stephen & Anne
Sat 20 Jun 2009 18:16

37.16.422N 9.52.817E


On Wednesday we spent the day recovering from our road trip, writing up the (long) blog and giving lots of TLC to the cats. For dinner we bought some more fresh fish; type unknown (we think it may have been monk fish). It went down well with both humans and cats. Later in the evening we had Mark & Liz from Malu Kai over for drinks.


Thursday was chore day. Anne started some washing while Stephen started cleaning the tender. We also washed the decks as lots of sand is blowing in the air and getting everywhere. We waved goodbye to Mark & Liz. In the afternoons we do very little as it’s simply too hot. The cats sleep most of the day now and are active only at night. They also wake up early in the morning meowing to be let out to play while it’s still cool. Koshka started to get into a fight with one of the local cats. We explained to him that although he has the weight advantage by being well fed, the local cats are probably more adept at fighting. He just went off and sulked as we broke up his “fun”.


Friday we continued with the chores. More washing for Anne, while Stephen changed the drinking water filter, finished cleaning and a few minor repairs to the dinghy and checked the outboard still works. Anne also washed and repaired our Ensign and our used courtesy flags (Italy is in need of major repair work, so that has been put on one side for another day). After lunch we went into town to the internet café, the supermarket and our favorite patisserie. In the patisserie we bought the most expensive loaf of fancy bread they had – it cost 40p. And who says we don’t live the high life! This evening the cats patrolled the boat. Yoyo spotted the would-be invader first and went to investigate. It was a small black cat; it had obviously heard there were other black cats around. Yoyo stood her ground on the back deck while the small black cat tried to board Wanda. The boat was defended well and the little black cat retreated down the pontoon.


In the evening we played zap the mosquitoes. We have a pair of electronic bug zapping bats. This evening was damp and very still air so they attacked in force. Plenty of mosquitoes fed on Anne, and plenty more were zapped away. Points were awarded for how well they lit up before burning.


We are now looking for a weather window to leave – there is a ”bit of a blow” due over the next 5 days so we may be here for another week yet.