Cagliari: Showers and Showers

Stephen & Anne
Sun 16 May 2010 17:20

39.12.065N 9.07.517E


Well we had planned to call this blog “Showers”, referring to having hot water on board and being able to use our own shower once again. However the weather decided to get in on the act and turned showery, hence the blog is now called “Showers & Showers”. This was rather annoying as most of the work we want to do is on the deck and we really need dry weather. This weekend has been dry however it also decided to be very windy (30+ knts gusting into the 40’s). Work was postponed due to the boat bouncing around too much (fickle aren’t we!)


We have accomplished some indoor jobs. We re-packed the cupboards and stowed the mountains of food and wine we have been stocking up on (Stephen is under the impression nowhere else sells food or wine - he is very determined we will not run out of wine this summer!). We gave the cooker and it’s surrounds a good clean, it’s amazing how much food manages to drop down the sides of the cooker. We cleaned out the water tanks, a rather awkward job that Anne always seems to have to do, having long thin arms. In doing the water tanks we found some additional storage space for our winter woolies, alongside the tanks. This will probably mean more wine storage in a more accessible spot.


Anne finished off some of her sewing projects, the navigation pod now has a cover, our “summer” ensign and Tunisian courtesy flag have been repaired and Stephens’ trousers no longer have a hole in the bottom!!


On a rare dry day, Stephen fitted the replacement hatch on the foredeck as the old one leaked. Unfortunately we found that the new one also leaked due to a manufacturing fault. Needless to say we are not pleased that after all the effort we are no better off. Negotiations are ongoing.


We spent a rainy afternoon exploring the Carrefour supermarket, well what else was there to do?


It’s been a rather frustrating two weeks due to the weather, hopefully next week will be much better and we can progress the outdoor jobs.