Cagliari -> Bizerte (Tunisia)

Stephen & Anne
Wed 10 Jun 2009 12:39

37.16.422N 9.52.817E


No, there is not an error with google maps, we really have moved!


After many delays (the latest of which involved re-plumbing the shower that started leaking and ended up removing the bathroom sink to gain access to all the pipes) we were nearly ready to leave.


We went out for a test sail on Saturday. Unfortunately it was rather bumpy and both cats were seasick (all over the bed!!) We had planned to leave on Sunday, but after the “test” sail we decided to wait for much smoother conditions. Luckily we didn’t have long to wait.


We waved goodbye to Julia, Anne & Kevin (they had been sent to make sure we really did go) and set off into the bay. It was beautifully smooth. On the way across Yoyo came out into the cockpit and spent the daylight hours with us. Overnight she was sent into the saloon. We were concerned that finding a black cat in the dark would be impossible. Overnight the swell and wind increased, making the sail more uncomfortable. Luckily the cats had got used to the movement more gradually this time and so were not sea sick (or maybe it was the precautionary sheet we had put over the bed “just in case”!)


Stephen had the fun part of negotiating the big container ships heading for the shipping lanes. Half way across the shipping lanes we switched shifts and Anne only saw two ships which were miles away, although rather confusingly one was heading in the wrong direction and then cut across the lanes to correct himself.


At first light we could see the African coast. As we went past Cap Bizerte we gained the shelter from land and the wind and swell eased. We slowly made our way into the harbour and were directed to a space by various officials and the marina staff. As soon as we were securely tied up the Immigration Police arrived. We frantically lowered the dinghy and set up the paserelle so they could come on board. Yoyo made herself known to the Immigration policeman by jumping onto the table while he was busy filling in a form and so scaring him!!  As soon as he left the Customs man arrived. Yoyo again made her presence known. This time he played with her for a bit which was our only real delay in the process. Within an hour we had our passports back and were cleared into Tunisia, all very efficient!  


We have taken it easy the rest of the day, having a late breakfast and getting the boat sorted after the passage. Koshka has been off exploring. He made a rather large leap onto the boat next door. Unfortunately he hadn’t checked the route back and so was stuck on the boat until Anne and the boat owner spotted him. Much to Koshka’s disgust he was picked up by a stranger and handed off the boat to Anne on the pontoon, then back onto Wanda. The boat the other side of the pontoon to us has stray cats on it. It looks as though it’s a mother with kittens. More adventures with our cats are sure to follow.