Cagliari: New Cat in Town

Stephen & Anne
Sun 22 Mar 2009 17:49

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


The week started perfectly when Lynn and Lon from Mascot 3 took ourselves and Pyxis out for a meal to say thank you for looking after their boat while they were away.


Monday was raining all day. After running out to post the mothers day card (painted of course – see below), we relaxed and painted a little more.


As the weather improved later in the week we managed to do a day of laundry, cut each others hair and finish boxing in the new pump in the heads (we now need to clean it all and apply lots of silicon sealant to finish it).


Cat news flash: There is a new cat on the pontoon! A German boat arrived this week with a cat on board that climbs over all the boats. Koshka is on cat watch quite a lot now and even ventured to the end of the passerelle to keep an eye on the “intruder”.


We did another lesson in excel for Bryn and Bethany, the children on Cape (they loved playing with the colours and special effects on the graphs). On Friday there was a birthday party for Bethany. Multiple cakes were brought along for the evening so everyone had a sugar high J. Our contribution was a ginger cake. All the adults were dragged into playing twister, some with more enthusiasm than others.


At the weekend the winds returned. We treated ourselves to two solid days of painting. The results are below.



Koshka ventures to the very end of the passerelle to see the other cat (but he still didn’t

jump onto the pontoon and leave our boat)



Stephen did this mothers day card for his mum – it was a painting of a photo of her garden this spring



One of Anne’s card designs




Stephen did this painting inspired from a photo we took in Cameret sur mer (note the                      The original photo we took

girl stayed in the picture albeit with a shorter skirt!)




Anne’s still life                                                                                                               Stephens still life