Stephen & Anne
Thu 29 May 2008 16:38

37.35.813N 0.58.799W


Well we are still here. Stephen is feeling better now however we have been relaxing a lot. The wind and swell are still too high to comfortably leave hence we are staying for a few more days.


Jobs on the boat have progressed slowly. The cockpit has had the teak cleaned and oiled. The new sink pump also failed – we had to replace the impellor as it had broken. We also found a stone blocking the pipe - we have no idea where it came from.  The main progress has been the Bimini. After some trial and error (that involved unpicking the stitching), it is now ready for installation and then sea trials. We will put it on tomorrow to test it and to make sure it fits.


Oh – Stephen used the sewing machine for the first time to repair some shorts – another toy he can now play with.


We have also added some extra ropes on the main sail so hopefully we can reef from the cockpit – we’ll try this out on the next passage.


We have also been doing those house hold chores such as washing clothes, shopping, cleaning the boat inside and out (again) and cutting each others hair (much to the amusement of the marina staff).


We met up with Rafiki who have now caught us up hence some “soicialising” has now occurred (food and liquid refreshments all round).


Cockpit all looking new. Just the rest of the deck to do now!