Stephen & Anne
Sat 1 Mar 2008 22:59

37:04.630N 8:07.268W


Today we set about doing various household chores. We did 3 loads of washing – it was such a good drying day, hot sun and a bit of breeze. It was nearly the case that by the time you had hung the last item, the first was dry.


We then walked to the marina office to let them know we would be staying a bit longer. After lunch we filled the water tanks and tidied the boat – the cats are shedding loads of fur at the moment thinking summer is here early. We also tidied out the food cupboard. I discovered Stephen had being secretly buying the worlds supply of tuna for Yoyo (see Yoyo with 51 tins!)


This evening we treated ourselves to an evening out, well it’s almost our 6 month anniversary of sailing away. We walked round the marina and stopped for a beer at Old Navy. We then explored the Casino (Stephen dragged Anne in) and we had a quick go on the slots. It was a bit expensive and so when we won most of our stake back (€1.40 down) we decided it was time to leave. We then walked back round the marina to an Italian restaurant where we had fresh pasta. We had a lovely evening out and were even back home before 9pm!!!!



Yoyo has calculated that if she eats two tins per day and reluctantly lets her brother Koshka

eat one tin per month, then she does not have enough tuna. In fact however she calculates it,

she never has enough tuna.