Syracuse: Life at Anchor

Stephen & Anne
Sat 14 Jun 2014 14:32

37.03.551N 15.16.850E


We spent a almost a week at anchor in Syracuse. The weather was not good for carrying on to Crotone, the forecast was for northerly easterly wind, which was the way we were heading.  We had a fun week.


We went for lunch with Jessica and Roy (Tetamanu) at the cheese shop. We almost didn’t need lunch we were given so many “tasters” as we waited.


Jessica, Stephen and Roy with our “cheese shop” lunch


Most of the week was spent trying to get the outboard engine to work L after working on it for a number of days we found out it was a lack of fuel getting to the engine. With a new piece of fuel pipe in place it worked. Yippee we were mobile again. During our lack of mobility Roy and Jessica had been very helpful offering us lifts in their dinghy.


While we were in Syracuse it was Annes birthday, so we celebrated with drinks on the aft deck of Wanda.


Anne’s birthday with Angi, Mark, Jessica, Roy and Yoyo (Stephen behind the camera)


Yoyo woke us up very early one morning. Her meowing was a bit more insistent than usual. It turned out a boat had dragged and she was trying to wake us up to let us know. She really is a good boat cat J