Cagliari: Yoyos Report; Another Windy Week

Stephen & Anne
Fri 13 Feb 2009 18:20

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Yoyo’s weekly report



Well it’s been a quiet week – in terms of things happening. It’s actually been very noisy with the wind and rain we’ve had. Koshka and I have been taking it easy sleeping most of the time – well with the boat bopping around we don’t want to go jumping onto other boats – that’s far too dangerous. One swim in a lifetime is one too many!!!


Koshka and I have been making friends with the heater. Not only have we had lots of wind and rain but it has got cold too!!



I have been trying to get Mum and Dad to give me more tuna – with limited success. They have been out shopping but didn’t bring me any Tuna back. So I went on the offensive and meowed at them lots. It sort of worked. I got tuna later that day. They go shopping mid week and are normally gone about 2 hours. They were gone ages this week – they made some excuse about the supermarket being really busy with a sale on.


Mum and Dad went out on Tuesday evening to Julia’s birthday party, which meant Koshka and I were left home alone. What a relief – we didn’t have to worry about flying glasses of wine!!


There have been some interesting smells coming from the galley this week (not fish though so I wasn’t that interested). Mum and Dad have been trying to perfect cake baking using the bread maker. Apparently the Ginger cake worked reasonably well but needed more Ginger. The banana and walnut cake has just finished – so has not been tested yet.


There was a little excitement on Friday when Dad went hunting for the big container of washing up liquid. It meant cupboards and storage spaces were open for exploration. It didn’t last long though, but it gave me something to do in between my sleeps.


Bye for this week




Me hard at work writing the blog