Cagliari: Dreaming of Vinyl

Stephen & Anne
Fri 31 Oct 2008 08:45

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


The replacing of vinyl on the ceiling has continued for a second week. More ceiling has been removed, stripped of old vinyl and new vinyl glued on. In total we have now replaced 32 ceiling panels and even covered the bit of the mast that is inside the boat with vinyl. We spent several days with no kitchen lights hence cooking and washing up were done using a head torch! We did treat ourselves one night and we went out for a pizza instead of cooking by torch light. We have now installed new lights in the galley and are part way through installing some LED “mood” lighting in the saloon.(We have already had the jokes about glitter balls and disco lights) We still have the bunks and forward v-berth to recover, however we will definitely have a break from this task as we are now starting to dream of cutting vinyl.


Despite the long days working (welcome to the real world I hear you all say), we still managed to socialise in the evenings. Saturday night was with a French/German couple who were passing through Cagliari and Sunday was with Cape. They kindly donated their “excess” Fennel – it is definitely fennel season at the moment – people are selling it out of the back of their cars on the street – 2 euros seems to get you a carrier bag full of fennel.


The weather seems to have settled down into 4 days of nice weather and 4 days of cloudy weather with some rain. Luckily we finished the outdoor job of gluing of the new vinyl on Monday, it started to rain on Tuesday. The rest of the week we were busy fitting lights and curtain rails to the boards and then putting them up. At least it was an indoor job – so the rain didn’t affect us too much. We did have a morning out – the new lights for the galley needed a 75mm hole cutting. We didn’t have a drill bit that big so we headed out to the hardware store near Carrefour. Luckily they had what we needed and after a quick trip round Carrefour we got back to the boat and carried on with the “re-fit”  Our arms are now aching from holding boards and screwdrivers above our heads for what felt like hours. We are looking forward to a rest from the ceiling.