Stephen & Anne
Sun 16 Mar 2008 21:21

36:36.928N 6:21.243W


On Sunday we woke up to another beautiful day so we made the most of it by having a bit of a lie in! First on the list was the laundry and then checking with the Marina we could stay for a bit longer (note the priority of tasks). We are OK to stay until 29th March (as much as we love Rota we hopefully will have left by then). We also organized all the fish in the marina to come and eat the alga from our hull. They really were quite efficient.


After lunch we went to the café with wifi, and got our fix of the real world.  When we got back to the boat we started on some jobs. Anne cleaned the boat while Stephen worked on the plumbing for the kitchen sink. The cats kept out of the way until we had finished and then both inspected what we had been doing for last few hours. Yoyo was happy to disappear into the cupboard under the sink to closely inspect Stephen’s plumbing.


This evening we had another quiet evening in. We did hear the band from the first of the Holy week processions; we do plan to go out one evening this week to see the procession. We went to bed at 10pm – just as Spain was waking up. Maybe they are on there own time zone.