Stephen & Anne
Sun 7 Oct 2007 21:05

42:07.35N 8:50.80W


We both woke up this morning with a bit of a hangover after a rather heavy G&T session with the “La Coruna” crowd. Kate, James and crew arrived yesterday morning from La Coruna having sailed throughout the night in dense fog, all crew on deck keeping watch. The obvious thing to do when someone has had no sleep the night before is to have them over for a few drinks, keep them up late and get them absolutely totted up on gin.


Today was the Spanish national Trial Bikes competition along the sea front in Bayona, so we felt we just had to go and see what it was all about. When we say sea front we mean it - literally feet away from the sea along the rocky shore. Jen & Chris are very well informed on the subject as Chris and their son Ryan used to Trial Bike.  So we spent the morning following the top Spanish riders (apparently one of them is the current #1 world champion). It’s amazing what they can get a motorbike to do. We were stunned you could get so close to the competitors as they rode (literally feet away). Anne decided to try out her camera and practice taking sports shots – when we got back to the boat she realised she had taken 283 pictures.


Stephen has been embracing the Spanish culture and has started having “siesta’s” so Anne worked on sorting the photos while Stephen slept.


Later in the afternoon we decided to go and check out who had won the trial bike event. When we got there a major clear up had taken place and you could hardly tell there had been an event at all. Apparently the #2 champion won. So to compensate we went for a walk around the castle walls and had a beer at the hotel.


This evening will be a quiet evening in and an early night, with possibly some planning on where to go next. We have really enjoyed Bayona and the temptation is to stay, but maybe the next stop will be even better.


Yoyo is still quiet and not being off the boat (which we are happy about). Koshka is starting to explore the deck of the boat when it is quiet in the evenings.



The #2 champion Raga at the National Trial biking championship in Bayona