Stephen & Anne
Sat 8 Sep 2007 20:28

50:48.644N 00:06.218W


The weather here in Brighton is fantastic, warm and sunny.


This morning we had a bit of a lie in then got up and had a look at the spinnaker poles. One had come away from the top connection while we were sailing from Ramsgate. The solution required the one size screw Stephen didn’t have – so off we went to the chandlery. With the right sized screw in hand we put the poles back together – but it still wasn’t quite right as the thread was cross threaded – anyway we have a work around for now and an idea for a more permanent solution later (Steohen’s idea of a work around was to buy carbon fiber spinnaker poles – does he realise we are not working….or maybe he still is!!!!)


This afternoon we walked into Brighton and had a wander around.  It’s a very lively cosmopolitan place and great fun. Anne got sun burnt as it is so hot down south (compared to Lancaster in the north)!


Anyway we have a long list of jobs, so no running off into town tomorrow.


The cats slept all day and are exploring the deck at night. In marinas the cats are very much at home on the boat. We still haven’t had to practice cat overboard recovery (fortunately), although Yoyo was eying up the seagulls today. Any day soon she will pounce on one while its bobbing in the sea.