Lagos - Yoyo's Day

Stephen & Anne
Fri 16 Nov 2007 13:27

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today’s blog is by Yoyo as she has been very naughty…..


I’ve not being naughty, just inquisitive. Dad finally admitted he still has a cold and spent the day relaxing and watching DVD’s – he didn’t even play with me so what was I to do…


Mum has cleared all the ropes from the deck. She must have done that so it is easier for me to run around and jump onto other boats, which is exactly what I did. To be fair I have studied the jumps for several days now so I’m very confident I won’t go for a swim again!  The boat next door smells different and clearly needs a few days to explore it.


I overheard mum & dad taking about getting some netting to stop me jumping, but until then it’s my boat!


Our friends Richard & Karen didn’t believe Koshka wrote yesterdays blog as he doesn’t have the time or energy between all that sleeping he does. I agree.


We all had an early night which meant I was locked in. Also there was NO tuna for me. I had a good run around the inside of the boat before sulking in aft cabin and falling asleep.