Cagliari: Yoyo goes into Tuna Rehab

Stephen & Anne
Tue 2 Sep 2008 06:54

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


Firstly, we’ve been informed the picture on the previous blog was the QE2 and not the Queen Mary. Our excuse is that since it does not have sails we don’t know any better!


Last night we invited the French couple over for dinner. We had a wonderful evening and they loved the French-Italian meal we cooked (no pasta and pesto was served!). .


They have owned cats and loved ours. After observing Yoyo, their official verdict is she is addicted to tuna and needs therapy! We can’t disagree and have booked Yoyo into the local TA meetings (Tuna Anonymous). Unfortunately she is still at the denial stage and insists she can stop eating tuna whenever she wants to, but she just wants a little more today. We are trying to cut her down a bit as she is now either sleeping or meowing for tuna all day.


Below are more of our sightseeing pictures of Cagliari



Bastione San Remy – the grand stairs


Inside one of the annexes in the cathedral


A view over Cagliari from the hill top