Lagos: Curtains Vista!

Stephen & Anne
Tue 11 Dec 2007 10:04

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today it was back to the curtains. We fitted the final replacement curtain in the saloon and finished all 3 of the main curtains in the aft cabin. We still have lots more smaller windows to do but we will save those for a later time. Stephen mentioned the curve on one of the curtains didn’t look quite right and needed remaking. Anne said some words that made Stephen realise the curtain was perfect and didn’t need remaking for a third time.


At last Anne can have change from curtains. It will probably be cockpit cushions next or maybe…..


Stephen moved the fire alarm today. While we were cooking tea we had another fire practice for the cats – they are now getting used to the practices and are not moving as much now. We need to relocate the alarm again.


This evening we joined Karen, Richard, Brian, Peter and Carola for a cocktail at one of the bars. We then went back to Pyxis for more drinks and some food. Pyxis is looking very festive. I think we are going to have to buy some more decorations for Wanda.


The weather as usual was bright and sunny. It was warm in the sun but got really cold this evening.