Stephen & Anne
Sat 22 Mar 2008 20:09

36:11.064N 5:55.981W


Well the pilot book says Barbate is a “soulless” place…. and they would be kind of right. The scenery around here is about the best we have seen. If you can imagine a seaside town in the UK out of season in the lake district then that’s Barbate. We are sure that in the summer it is thriving


We managed to find the town centre fairly quickly – although we did walk around the outskirts first. There are quite a lot of people here who are obviously here for the walking.


After our walk round town this morning we came back to the boat for lunch and a lazy afternoon and passage planning to Gib. Well after our unexpected surprise on our way here we want to make sure we have a “smooth sail” to Gib. Mind you having read the pilot guides carefully we don’t think that is possible. So we want to be as well prepared as we can for our sail to Gibraltar.


We have decided to stay here for one more night as the winds are quite strong at the moment and we really want a glass sooth sea for our next sail (the cats have demanded it. We think they will be abandoning ship if we make any attempt to leave)


We have a few photos of Barbate which we will post as soon as we can get good internet connection.