Stephen & Anne
Fri 18 Apr 2008 21:49

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


Last night the wind and swell started which meant we woke up during the night. After speaking to other people in the marina, it appears we were all woken at 4am for a few hours. Next time we are going to get up and organize a “windy marina midnight party!”. Our new springs were working hard, doing a brilliant job of dampening the effect off the swell on out mooring lines. We did notice at some point early morning the swell dropped. When we got up in the morning we realised why – a large motor yacht had arrived in the night and was doing a good job as a wave break.


After a lie in this morning (to compensate for being awake last night) we went across the border into Spain again. Gibraltar was windy with showers, Spain was dry and sunny. We are not sure how the weather knew where the border was.


We went back to the chandlery to buy a few odd bits and returned via the supermarket. Once back at the boat we cleaned the inside now that we know no more grubby engineers will be visiting (hopefully). Anne nipped into town to see what new stock of clothes M&S and Next had this week. We now know the delivery dates for most major shops in Gib (it really is time to move on).


After a little socialising late afternoon, we had a quiet night in. We are currently watching the Torchwood series.


The moon over the Rock – view from Wanda on Friday evening



Our new best friend  - the spring