Stephen & Anne
Wed 23 Apr 2008 22:01

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


Today we have given the cats a day rest from blogging after complaints of sore paws.


The weather today was beautiful, blue skies, sunny and hot. In the morning we looked at making some changes to the mainsheet on the mizzen. At the moment it’s quite difficult to pull it in. Our original plan didn’t work. After much staring and thought we worked out what was required. We couldn’t find the bits we needed to make the change so after all the effort it will have to wait until another day. We did replace some pulleys so we achieved something.


The parts for the Raymarine arrived and were fitted today – hopefully it means the Speed does not keep changing from knots to km/h at random. We really have now given waiting for the post.


In the afternoon we had a quick visit to LaLinea to visit the cake shop…err I mean the supermarket. Anne then cleaned the boat up forward while Stephen went to see if the Morrisions cat food had arrived yet – it hadn’t.  


In the evening we had Pyxis and Blue Elephant around for drinks – we all caught up with adventures since leaving Lagos. We were spoilt with a wonderful sunset this evening.


The cats meanwhile had a wild time being allowed out late tonight. This mostly involved jumping onto the ship next door. We also met another couple who live onboard – they were out taking there cats for a walk! They were not wearing leads – just very well trained / behaved cats. One of their cats has been in the water 17 times so far.


Gibraltar sunset from the marina