Stephen & Anne
Tue 1 Jul 2008 23:20

38.50.429N 0.07.131E


Tuesday. We were up early and off into town before it got too hot. We first visited our favorite Ferriteria (hardware store) for an electronic fly swatter – well you don’t think I would let our cats go hungry just to catch a fly do you!


We then went to the market and on to our favorite cake shop for a cake and a coffee (we had been promising ourselves a treat of gooey cakes which really would not transport from the shop to the boat – especially in the heat). We then went round the supermarket and back to the boat. After Lunch we started on various jobs. Anne spliced on the new metal hoops for the mooring lines while Stephen sanded and varnished the seat lid from the shower and put the final coat on the shower tray.


This evening we decided to visit the nigh life in Denia. Earlier in the evening we had seen a small motor boat with “tourists” on it coming into the marina. As we set off into town we saw it coming in again. As it is quite a walk into town we went and asked where the boat went to. They said for 1euro they would take us into town. So we saved a long walk into town. We went and explored a new part of Denia. It was more of a touristy area with craft stalls, restaurants and bars.


We walked over to the fun fair Stephen had spotted from the boat. It was aimed at kids so we weren’t able to go on any of the rides (Stephen really wanted to go on the bouncy castle with Bart Simpson inflatable where you can climb inside his mouth as it opens and closes!). We then walked back to the boat.