Punta de La Avanzada (Mallorca)

Stephen & Anne
Sun 3 Aug 2008 07:36

39.54.171N 3.06.202E


Saturday: Today’s task was getting the outboard fixed to the dinghy and making sure it worked. Stephen’s legs have not touched land for 7 days now and he needs a walk!


We rigged a sling attached to a halyard and used it to raise the outboard from the lazzerette and lower it into the dingy. All went well – in other words the outboard did not end up in the water.


Naturally it wouldn’t start at first, so Stephen decided he may have flooded it. While waiting he started to clean a bit of the tender. It made a huge difference and he wished he hadn’t started as he then need to finish the job. He was rewarded with the outboard starting and running with no problems. Anne meanwhile cleaned the inside of the boat.


After lunch we then headed across the bay and into town. Anne was the perfect ballast so Stephen could plane along at high speed. After finding a suitable landing spot (ie somewhere we could padlock the dinghy – we found a metal ring in a quay side), we went for a walk. Anne managed to persuade Stephen not to run! Our objective was to find some fresh food, however the supermarkets were closed this afternoon. This means we can play…err use the dingy tomorrow instead.


In case you are wondering, this evening we had a pizza made in a frying pan – it was a Delia Smith recipe so naturally was gorgeous. This evenings entertainment was watching the seaplane take off in the bay we are moored in – a simple task if only all the sport boats and jet skis would keep out of the way.


Skipper Yoyo here: My crew ran away today, however they did eventually come back. This evening I was worried about the rigging so I decided to inspect it myself. It was a simple case of hopping onto the spray hood, and then the boom. I walked along the boom to the mast and stretched up. Just as I was about to climb onto the first mast step, spoil sport dad picked me up and put me back on the deck. He must think the rigging is ok.