La Coruna

Stephen & Anne
Wed 3 Oct 2007 10:44

43:22.065N 8:23.736W


Yesterday was another boat maintenance day. Stephen spent most of the day trying to find the leak (no success even with help) and hunting for bits for upgrading the mizzen traveler (it is now fixed but Stephen wants to make it easier to use by adding on another loop on the pulleys). Anne did more laundry and cleaned the guard rails so we can hang washing out. She also did the passage planning to Baiona as it looks like we will leave later today.


Koshka is going on deck more and Yoyo (although a little ill) is as curious and adventurous as ever. She has now jumped ship – literally to the next boat. They were down below and noticed a little cat head peering down the hatch. They love cats and were ok about it (fortunately).


No G&T’s or any other alcohol today – I think we’ve gone back to normal now after chilling out big time from the Biscay crossing.