Puerto de Mahon (Menorca)

Stephen & Anne
Sun 10 Aug 2008 07:05

39.53.230N 4.17.118E


Last night the winds continued albeit not as strongly. It was still windy this morning so we decided to treat ourselves to a water taxi into the town instead of getting wet in our dinghy.


We got dropped off near the town (nearer than we could have got our dinghy) and given instructions on how to get to into town. We found tourist information almost straight away, so were able to pick up a map and some information about Mahon. The route into town involved a long flight of stairs. We found the small supermarket and some vegetable shops so were able to stock up. We then went for a wander round town. We stopped for a coffee, it was the worst coffee we have had and the most expensive – we are definitely in tourist territory here!! However we then found our best ever cake shop on back street where the owners make home made cakes – they really were out of this world.


We got the water taxi back to the boat and had a leisurely afternoon reading the newspaper we bought in town.


We had new neighbours today; they also have a cat on board. Although Yoyo has not seen the cat she can tell it’s there and is very curious.


In the evening we went over to Terracuita for a drink. Marcel li & Larisa are on holiday from Barcelona. We had a lovely evening learning more about life in Spain and telling them about our travels.