Carloforte (Sardinia, Italy)

Stephen & Anne
Sat 16 Aug 2008 12:37

39.08.800N 8.18.693E


After recovering from the passage yesterday, today was spent recovering from the drinking to celebrate the passage (well we have been good recently!).


We had a walk around the rest of the town today and then went food shopping. Tonight’s dinner was our favorite, real fresh pasta with fresh pesto and lashings of parmesan cheese. They tend to sell the parmesan cheese in 10kg(!) blocks – no little vacuum wrapped packets here J


We planned to spend the day in the marina today as some strong winds were due (and arrived on time). Most of the rest of the marina had the same idea so it was full most of the day. Strangely the sky turned from blue to a grey colour – its been a long time since we have seen it grey! At least it only stayed that way for a few hours.



War memorial Monument in Carloforte                                                     A typical street in Carloforte