Rota: Cadiz

Stephen & Anne
Mon 17 Mar 2008 22:31

36:36.928N 6:21.243W


This morning we got up and caught the ferry to Cadiz. At one point we had planned to sail to Cadiz, but we had heard the marina was about 1km out of town in an industrial area. This was confirmed on our ferry journey so we were glad we decided to visit from Rota rather than sail there.


Cadiz is a very old city dating back to 1100BC founded by the Phoenicians. It was then inhabited by the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Visigoths and the Moors.


Once we disembarked from the Ferry, first stop was tourist information to get a map. Armed with a map of the city we headed off. We went past the town hall, where a small but noisy demonstration was taking place (we have no idea what it was about), then on to the Cathedral. The Cathedral was very impressive architecturally but a bit disappointing on the inside.


We then walked along the sea front to the Roman theatre, through the city walls back into the old town. Cadiz has a long history and is a maze of streets. After a break for lunch we headed off again through the streets marveling at the history and architecture. We went into the building that was the Bishops palace, but has now been excavated to discover Roman and pre Roman buildings. The floors were made of clear Perspex so you could look down at the excavations. As it was on many levels there were quite a few steps which were also clear Perspex, which was a bit disorientating at times. As it was now 13.30 most shops and historic buildings were closing for siesta, so we decided to head back to Rota rather than wander aimlessly for the next 3+ hours when things would start opening again.


We had a leisurely afternoon (we’re getting quite used to this siesta idea).


Early evening was a walk to the local large(ish) supermarket – it took about 40 minutes each way; This good life with no cars is keeping us fit.



Cadiz town hall – yet another demonstration was happening outside


Inside Hospital de Mujeres, a Baroque jewel – lots of ornate staircases all doubling back on themselves


Inside Hospital de Mujeres, a hallway overlooking the central courtyard


A typical Cadiz street – these are actually shops