Stephen & Anne
Mon 22 Oct 2007 13:40

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


Today’s blog is by Koshka the cat.


The day started with me wanting a quiet sleep after last nights sleep. Instead Stephen pretended to clean the outside of the boat. He was very noisy. Anne said he was really having a water fight with the kids next door on the catamaran. They then had to clean their boat as well. Eventually mum and dad went out to explore the marina and I managed to get some sleep.


Mum and dad then came back, woke me up and then went out to explore town. I managed to get some more much needed sleep. They came back after a trip to the hypermarket. They had some seeds that they are watering – they smell like catnip so I should be able to have some fun in a few days when it grows.


After the shopping was unpacked they got out that horrible noisy vacuum cleaner. I wished the vacuum cleaner would stop forever. Then it started smoking and nearly caught fire. Mum and dad ran out of the boat with it very quickly – I don’t think they like fires on the boat. I never did see the vacuum cleaner again – I’m so happy as it means I can get some more sleep.


All went well until they invited some friends around for a drink. They were very noisy and it was quite difficult to get some sleep even when I hid in the aft cabin.


After they all left I managed to get some well deserved and peaceful sleep all night.


Below is a picture of my sister, Yoyo. She likes the spray hood when we are sailing. I much prefer the safety of the navigation seat.