Saranda -> Kasstiopi (Corfu, Greece)

Stephen & Anne
Sat 22 Jun 2013 06:49

39.47.048N 19.55.804E


This morning we were up early, sorted out the boat ready to leave, checked out with customs, and then the Hydrofoil arrived. Today it was moored next to us so we couldn’t leave until the hydrofoil left. So we waited two hours until they left. We were so glad we waited.  Our anchor was well and truly stuck, so we spent quite a while swinging around waiting for it to release At one point we were convinced the dredger had dumped a load of mud covering our anchor. Eventually the anchor released and we were on our way.



We sailed about 6nm and found a lovely cove on the north coast of Corfu to anchor. There was only one other boat anchored in this place.



View from the boat of a sea-side villa.


As the afternoon was rather warm and the sea looked so inviting we all went for a swim to cool off (well Lucy and Anne actually had two swims it really was that warm).


Anne Swimming – Lucy was diving just in front of Anne to see if she could see our anchor.


We had a very relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep. We were all rudely awakened about 7 am when the wash from a large boat hit us beam on. We were rocked rather violently. Various things went flying about the boat. Not the nicest way to wake up. Yoyo made a dash to the bedroom and managed to avoid the flying debris.