Almerimar: Sand Storms & Cat Fights

Stephen & Anne
Mon 12 May 2008 20:17

36:41.855N 2:47.546W


Well the title sums up the last three days really.


Saturday & Sunday were extremely windy. We had been forecasted strong winds force 6-7 gusting 8-9 and it did what it said – for nearly two days. This meant the cats were confined to quarters. Koshka was wanting to go and defend his territory, but was not allowed as we were concerned about him jumping onto rapidly moving berthed boats. In addition the wind was whipping up the sand from the beach which had the effect of a sandstorm.


We didn’t do much – the boat was listing at quite and angle so it was books and DVDs all round.


After the winds subsided the number one job was to clean the boat (inside and out – the sand went everywhere!). Koshka ran outside and fought with the black and white cat to retake his territory (it now includes both boats either side of us). Yoyo bravely defended the bed.


We spent the rest of Monday getting the boat ready to move on – strangely this included Stephen (fully) cutting Anne’s hair for the first time.