Lagos: The Projects Begin

Stephen & Anne
Fri 30 Nov 2007 09:28

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


OK – today we started on projects (yep its Friday and it took all week to get going!),


We dug out the mizzen staysail from the forward locker and raised it. We have never used this sail before so the objective was to work out how it worked so we could use if for sailing downwind in light airs. We think we may have figured it out but will be asking for advice.


We then started on the curtains. Anne made Version 2.0 and Stephen beta tested it (fitted it for all the non computer people reading this). We shaped it this time with curves at the corners to follow the shape on the windows. It looks really good. Unfortunately the shape is not quite right and it doesn’t fit. Of course you only realise this after its being fitted. Saturday we will make Version 2.1.


Finally we went through and sorted out some paperwork. We finished the evening watching “Catch me if you Can” on DVD.


Wow – a full day working. We do realise we need lots more days like these to get the boat into ship shape condition!


Finally, the weather has settled down to be a consistent “shorts and t-shirts” in the day and “jackets at night” when its cooler (note the blue sky in the photo below!).