Stephen & Anne
Sat 21 Jun 2008 18:40

38.50.429N 0.07.131E


Thursday was a more relaxing day. In the afternoon Anne had an afternoon shopping with Jude while Stephen finished a quick tweak to the pipes to make testing the water from the watermaker easier. In the evening we went over to Tom and Jude’s house for an evening meal and a few glasses of wine. The cats had another home alone experience – they cope with no problems.


On Friday morning we took the bus back from Javea (where Tom & Jude live) to Denia – about a 30 minute journey for 1.80 euros – a brilliant coach and excellent value. We returned via the chandlery and at last the sun shade we had ordered had arrived. We put this up in the afternoon and it has made a huge difference helping to keep the boat cooler.


Saturday was back working full time on projects. In the morning Stephen fitted the hinges and catches to the anchor locker lid, while Anne went shopping for a bit of food. In the afternoon we started fitting leather to the steering wheel. It’s quite a big job as it all has to be hand stitched on.


We had our first clue we have been stuck in Denia too long – we are now getting free gifts from the marina (not really free as we are paying for them with our fees!).


Oh – and it is still hot. It was 31C at 10am this morning J . It is now 8:15pm and its cooled down to a chilly 29.5C. I wonder how we will cope if we ever go back to the UK?


Wanda with her new sun shade (not the bare steering wheel – soon to change)