Stephen & Anne
Sat 28 Jun 2008 23:58

38.50.429N 0.07.131E


We totally pamper our cats, feed them tuna, play with them, let them explore other people’s boats, sleep all day and generally lead happy little cat lives. And all we ask is that they catch and eat the odd fly that finds its way on the boat. It’s not much to ask really. Especially when the fly lands right in front of their paws. So far we have had a half hearted movement of paw that posed no real danger to the fly. Maybe we should cut out the food so they have to catch it?


Friday: We went to the local DIY store for bits for the shower. This took most of the morning as the big DIY store is out of town and it was quite a long walk in the heat. We started to sort out our shower problem we found yesterday and came to the conclusion it wasn’t too bad after all. Repainting and resealing should fix it.


Saturday: Today was a day off for Anne. So Stephen made her feel guilty into doing some jobs. Anne made some more mosquito / fly screens on the small hatch windows and made some savory and sweet scones. Stephen painted the shower floor, fitted some new hinges to the cupboards in the shower, cleaned the cockpit and ate the scones!