Figueira da Foz

Stephen & Anne
Tue 16 Oct 2007 16:24

40:08.834N 8:51.593W


Today we visited a large market next to the marina selling fruit, veg and fish. We then explored the town. There doesn’t seem to be much here but we will try another bit of town tomorrow.


In the afternoon we started fitting the prototype curtain to the saloon. It’s quite tricky as the windows have curved edges, the bottom is longer than the top and they lean inwards. We decided our basic idea of a blind held on with poppers and held up with tabs using poppers works, but we need to refine the shape and fittings to make them look more professional.


The children on the boat next door spent the afternoon catching fish for our cats. We managed to persuade them the cats were asleep as the fish were not edible. They finally left about 5pm – we hope they took all the kids and didn’t leave any behind with us! No doubt we will see them all again in the next port.


Finally we had Mistletoe over for a G&T (well it has been a while now!) to give us ideas on the curtain design. We then had a quiet night in.